Graham Attwood (EPSA)

Graham has worked in the EPS and wider plastics and chemicals industry for 35 years including senior roles within Huntsman, Orica and RMAX.

Graham has spent several years reviewing the strategic issues facing the EPS recycling sector in Australia and will discuss current opportunities, challenges and some case studies.

Becher Townshend (Font PR)

Becher is the Managing Director of Font PR, a public relations company in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

Becher and Font PR have significant, contemporary experience in managing and advising the public face of diverse organisations including local and state government, manufacturing companies and industry associations.

He will be talking through some of the critical communication imperatives that are relevant in 2017 including Social Media dynamics and the extraordinary pace of 24 hour news feeds touching on examples of our industry challenges.

Frances Bender (Huon Aquaculture Group)

Frances Bender is the Executive Director of Huon Aquaculture in Tasmania. Huon are the largest family owned and operated salmon producers in Australia and are leaders in the sustainable development of a pristine and critical industry.

EPS packaging provides a critical component to the industry helping to retain maximum quality and efficiency of such an iconic and valued product.

Frances will be discussing the industry, it’s strategic direction, the sustainability challenge and touch on how the EPS industry integrates into her organisation.

Rob Millard (MWRRG – Metropolitan Waste Resource Recovery Group)

Rob is CEO of the MWRRG in Victoria, Australia.

Rob will be describing the state strategic waste management plan for Victoria specifically relating to the challenges and opportunities facing resource recovery, priorities and examples of where EPS fits into the in-resource recovery map.

Gary Skinner – (ICEE Folding Box Company)

Gary is the Managing director of the ICEE Folding Airpop Box Company. Gary will be describing the innovation journey that his company has taken to develop one of the most potentially ground-breaking and market-focussed applications.

John Clampett

John Clampett has been involved in the fire industry in Australia for over 40 years. Within that time John has been a professional fire fighter and had senior positions with the Melbourne Metropolitan Fire Brigade, the Australian Building Codes Board, the Building Research Association of New Zealand, CSIRO, Crown Entertainment Complex and Norman Disney and Young. He now has his own consulting company. John is also a Registered Building Surveyor.

His qualifications are:  Masters of Applied Science (Building), Graduate Diploma Building Surveying and Graduate of the Institution of Fire Engineers. John is currently undertaking a Doctorate in the Fire Behaviour of Sandwich Panels.

Adam Shannon (Askin Performance Panels)

Adam is the Group Sales and Marketing Manager of Askin Performance Panels. He has many years of technical and development expertise in insulated panel manufacturing and applications. Adam will present a summary of the Askin journey and innovations Askin have brought to the sector.

Harald Kogler  (Hirsch)

Innovations and Opportunities : EPS Processing technology

 Annette Schaefer EUMEPS / Airpop (European Manufacturers of EPS)

Annette will be in Australia to support and co-ordinate the launch of the Airpop brand for EPSA. Annette will be touching on the European perspective of the EPS industry and the re-thinking of EPS under the banner of Airpop.

Russell Bielenberg (Foamex)

Russell has been integral to the EPS industry for over 25 years.  He has worked for RMAX and Foamex and is recognised nationally as one of the pre-eminent technical leaders in the industry.

He is providing an “insiders” view and commentary on the waffle pod industry including technical developments, industry challenges and market dynamics.

Ron Lawson (IPCA)

Ron is the CEO of the Insulated Panel Council of Australia (IPCA) has been associated with the insulated panel industry for many years.  Ron will be discussing some of the current issues and the industry developments in recent years including the ground-breaking codes of practice relating to EPS cool room panel manufacture, installation and integrity.

Walter Reiter (EPS-IA Deputy Director)

Presenting well-researched and accurate information about expanded polystyrene to legislators, regulators, industry and the public for the North American expanded polystyrene industry.

Walter and expanded polystyrene are a good fit. They are both versatile, efficient and cost-effective. EPS is superior building insulation, delivering unmatched energy efficiency. It is also extremely capable of protecting products during shipment. EPS’ versatility makes it the best choice for products from bicycle helmets to giant movie props.

Like EPS, Walter has a multitude of skills and experience that he uses to serve the industry well as Deputy Director and legal counsel for the EPS Industry Alliance since 2010.

Walter has undergraduate degrees in English and Biology, a Juris Doctorate from the University of Maryland and is a member of the Maryland, U.S. Federal, and U.S. Patent & Trademark Bars. He can digest a scientific paper, herd the Technical Committee, present testimony to Congress, answer a builder’s question about material properties and keep up a lively repertoire at a trade show booth.

Mark Mischefski (Plastics NZ and EXPOL)

Mark is the President of Plastics New Zealand – EPS Group and the Principal of EXPOL New Zealand.

He will be providing a summary of the EPS industry in New Zealand, recent developments within the market and sharing observations about trends and future directions for the sector in New Zealand.

Michihiro Takeda – AMEPS (Asian Manufacturers of EPS)

Michihiro Takeda is the Secretary General of AMEPS. He will be presenting a national and regional perspective on the EPS industry developments and sustainability initiatives within the Asian region.

Gen Hosomi (Yusen Logistics)

Yusen Logistics are a global logistics and freight organisation who have developed EPS-based innovative applications to improve logistics efficiencies for bulk freight movements internationally. Gen will be describing the background and success of this unique application.

Gregor Haverkemper (BASF)

BASF have been a critical part of the EPS industry in Australia and New Zealand for as long as the industry has been in existence. Their global experience and leadership is well-recognised and the BASF innovation initiatives over decades have been instrumental in creating a sustainable and future-focused integrated supply chain. Gregor Haverkemper, Head of Global Marketing for Styropor/Neopor  (BASF) will be providing a BASF perspective on their advanced technological NEOPOR product and applications.

Dr. Grace Han (LANXESS Deutschland GmbH)

Grace Han has a Ph.D in material science from Beijing Institute of Technology, mainly engaged in flame retardant mechanism research.

She is the Product Advocacy Manager for LANXESS Deutschland GmbH a Council member of the China Flame Retardant Society and Deputy Director of the China Association of Flame Retardant Materials.

She will be describing the technology and developments associated with new generation Flame Retardant EPS.

Simon Pickett (EPSA and Polyfoam)

Simon is the President of EPSA and Director of Polyfoam.  He has had many years of experience in the EPS moulding business and leads the largest consolidated group of EPS moulders in Australia.

An ardent supporter of innovation and sustainability within the industry, Simon will be sharing views and experience about the current and future issues in the sector.

About AirPop 2017

AirPop 2017 is hosted by Expanded Polystyrene Australia (EPSA), Airpop - Engineered Air, and Asian Manufacturers of Expanded Polystyrene (AMEPS).

The conference is expected to draw attendance from across the Asia Pacific region including representation from the Block, Packaging, Pod, Raw Materials and Recycling sector groups.

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